Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday means acknowledging Canada’s original people, the Indigenous communities. Inspired by Indigenous friends, leaders, elders and Chiefs, Entrée Canada is rolling out a collection of Indigenous experiences aimed at educating and inspiring travelers, in partnership with the Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada.
Despite Canada being a relatively young country, its original inhabitants are estimated to have prospered on Canada’s land for over 12,000 years.  The history of Canada’s Indigenous communities is complex and oftentimes painful, but nonetheless part of the rich fabric that makes up our northern neighbors.


There are over 1.4 million Indigenous people in Canada which are defined as First Nations, Metis, and Inuit.  The Indigenous people in Canada reside throughout the country and have over 630 First Nation communities, a number of Metis settlements, and approximately 30 Inuit communities. There is a rich cultural diversity with an estimated 60 different Indigenous languages and varying cultural traditions practiced to this day. Discover it for yourself! Call us to book your Canadian adventure.