Allow us to introduce dear Poe friend Roisin Byrne who is now offering private guided tours of Málaga and the surrounding areas. Here’s a brief bio: “My love for Spain and all things Spanish began when, at 12 years old, I started learning the language at school in Ireland where I grew up. Then at 18 I visited Spain for the first time, and a huge piece of my heart has remained here ever since.  After college, I lived in several parts of Spain for five years where I met and married an American, moved to Little Rock for 33 years, taught Spanish for the Little Rock School District for most of that time, and raised two sons. During my career, I mostly taught middle school and took groups of students to Spain and other parts of Europe many times.

Now I’m back in my beloved Spain and living in the beautiful southern city of Málaga on the Mediterranean Sea. Málaga has a bit of everything I love about this country. It was ruled by the Phoenicians, Romans, and Arabs so it has enough buildings, monuments, and ruins to satisfy my interest in history. It’s the birthplace of Picasso and has several art museums to satisfy my love of art. It’s just the right size to explore the narrow streets on foot. The fishermen go out almost every night providing me with a steady diet of fish which can be washed down by a delicious glass of local wine.

Moving here was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had, and I’m always delighted to show people around and help them get to know this beautiful part of Spain.”

See you soon, Roisin!