Margaret began her career in the travel business as a corporate agent right here at Poe Travel. She quickly rose through the ranks working as (among other things) our GSA and Army account administrator to ultimately become our inimitable CEO and co-owner with Ellison. Margaret reinvented the way we do business on the operations side. Over the years she has made Poe one of the most IT savvy travel consultancies in the world. (And you should see our generator!) She is a deft leader, one frequently quoted in travel trade magazines and asked to speak at numerous conferences, including Sabre World. Among her favorite places are East Africa, Australia, Western Europe and the Galapagos Islands.

Other points of interest about Margaret: she has a Masters in exercise physiology and used to teach ballroom dancing. Asked why she retired those dancing shoes, she says lightly, “Who has the time?” Another stat: Margaret is an avid, amazing golfer who has played all over the world on courses in Scotland, England, Ireland, and Africa.

Perhaps even more impressive, she can fix almost anything and has a well-stocked toolbox that would be the envy of any handyman. This was a needed skill when growing up in a large family, in which everyone was expected to contribute. Margaret, who has a twin brother among other siblings, comes from a tight-knit clan that includes 29 first cousins. “Irish Catholic,” she says by way of explanation. Her love of travel was born early on during family road trips. The family was so large that they had to divide into two cars, a station wagon (wood-paneled, we assume) and a Cadillac.

She now travels mostly by plane, to places like Istanbul and the Greek isles, and most recently to Israel, where she led a life-changing trip in the fall of 2010.

Of her job at Poe, Margaret says she “wears many hats.” We’re just guessing here, but is one of those a tam o’shanter?
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