iceland4It’s hard not to use superlatives when talking about Iceland—for natives and for those fortunate enough to visit this magical place. When Sarah Quigley and Jon Olafur Sigurbjornsson of PTI (Private Travel Iceland) paid Poe a recent visit, it quickly became our most lively, animated meeting to date—one that left us all inspired and energized. Why? Because Jon, though a bit reserved in his delivery and demeanor, has an infectious passion for his country and an unparalleled well of knowledge about travel there. He’s the very picture of an Icelander—ruddy cheeked and bearded with a subtle twinkle in his eyes. It’s also quickly apparent that the stereotype of Icelanders as both warm and industrious is spot on. Jon and his team work hard to craft the perfect trip for clients—uniquely tailored to their interests and abilities.

As of late, Iceland has come into the spotlight to show the world what it’s been missing all these years: expansive underground ice caves, towering volcanoes, thermal baths, and landscapes so convincingly lunar that even astronauts once trained there. There is no shortage of beautiful vistas in the country, but the PTI team is (literally) equipped to show you the very best.

They offer Land Rover Experiences, use of snowmobiles and trucks with technology only known to Iceland (and specially crafted for the terrain), white water rafting, kayaking, paragliding, hiking, visiting spectacular waterfalls and geothermal spas, and so much more. The very brave can travel to a very remote location and heliski down the ocean in the midnight sun. (You can even take a schooner to Greenland to the deepest fjord in the world!)

They can orchestrate any sort of adventure you could dream up—and some you can’t. One client hosted a bachelor party to end all bachelor parties: a Game of Thrones-inspired adventure that entailed a being dropped off in the wilderness in nothing put capes (fashioned by the costume designers of the show), an epic journey, and celebratory feast.

So whether your traversing a glittering glacier, getting a front-row seat to the aurora borealis’ curtains of fire, or marveling at the soft, pinkish hue of the midnight sun, PTI is the go-to for all things Iceland.


Good length of time to spend: 8 nights in the summer, 5 nights in the winter