M. Murphy says

“There must be something wrong with this invoice; surely it’s missing a few zeros.  It’s the deal of the century for 4 weeks of sheer magic! Many, many, many thanks. Of all the wonderful things on this trip, we rank David Sugden at the very, very top . . . even ahead of watching a gazelle give birth . . . even ahead of the dawn light on the morning dew . . . even ahead of watching lions hoochie coo . . . and, don’t tell David,  but even ahead of seeing the itty bitty orphaned elephants in pjs bedding down for the night. It was a trip of a lifetime.  



The Braunfisch Family says

“Hello, Poe Crew! We cannot thank you enough for helping us put together such a memorable trip!”



Anita Sedberry says

“Wanted to let you know that our trip was amazing. National Geographic  had the most amazing guide for us, Francesca Caruso and she took us on our private tour of the Vatican.  There are no words to describe how amazing she was. . . .  Bottom line—Poe Travel ROCKS!!!!! I cannot thank you all enough!!!!!”