What's old is new again . . .

The pulse of Porto


Sure, we love Lisbon, but allow us to pose this question: Why not head to Porto? Now, with the meticulous restoration of Hotel Infante Sagres, there’s all the more reason to go. The northern city’s newest crowning achievement is actually not so new at all. Located in the vibrant downtown city center, this storied hotel recently unveiled a nearly $10 million top-to-bottom re-do—and what a transformation it is!

A team of leading designers and master craftsmen were charged with restoring the hotel’s magnificent interiors while imbuing them with a sense of modern glamor. When it opened in 1951, the original hotel was the realization of industrialist Delfim Ferreira’s vision of creating a grand hotel that would rival the finest in Europe. Despite departing from the historic template with its modern design by pioneering architect Rogério de Azevedo, it quickly became popular with international celebrities, discerning travelers, and the city’s elite. The thoughtful renovation, led by Azevedo’s protégé Antonio Teixeira Lopes, remains true to this design, as specialists worked carefully to breathe new life into the ornate ceilings, intricate stained-glass windows, opulent chandeliers, and antique furniture.

The result is a delightful mix of old and new. The lobby and breakfast room feature sumptuous chandeliers—hanging from elaborately carved coffered ceilings—that were dismantled piece by piece before being cleaned and restored. The soaring spaces are further embellished with gilt-edged mirrors, lush woven carpets, stately Ionic columns, historic art, and furniture in the style of the hotel’s golden age. The pièce de résistance are the stained glass windows that illuminate the grand staircase as it ascends toward the guest rooms. About 500 panels were removed, cleaned, and recovered, a labor of love that took over eight months to complete.

Upstairs, the 85 guest rooms and suites have been refurbished to make way for all the amenities one could want. For max luxe, check into the 1,000-square-foot Royal Suite, where royalty and artists have stayed for more than six decades (including Prince Harry and the Dali Lama.)

The new Vogue Café, created in partnership with Condé Nast International and styled by interior designer Paulo Lobo, adds a sophisticated flair with its two bars and stylish fusion cuisine. Though we urge you to indulge in the town’s burgeoning culinary scene—and the mandatory nightcap, a glass of port. When in Porto . . .

 Source: https://robbreport.com/?s=porto by Necee Regis


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