Touch the sky at Titilaka

Peru's magical highlands

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Vast skies, towering mountains, and endless waters form the backdrop of this enchanting all-inclusive retreat on Lake Titicaca. Titilaka’s 18 Lakeview rooms are set on a private peninsula jutting into the world’s highest navigable lake which is also the nexus of Inca mythology. Venture out into the legendary landscape to view numerous Inca and pre-Inca ruins, hike ancient trails, explore the lake, and study the mesmerizing night sky in 14 complementary excursions. There are also additional opportunities to visit the lake’s historic island—the floating Uros, made entirely of reeds and vibrant, traditional communities.


•Lake Titicaca sits at an elevation of 12,500 feet, so the air is thin and sunblock is a must.

•Concerned about the high altitude? Don’t be. Titilaka tests each guest’s oxygen level at check-in and, if indicated, offers oxygen until you adjust.

•It gets cold at night and chilly on the water, so bring a sweater/jacket.

•Puno is the nearest city, 20 miles away.

•Lake Titicaca crosses the border into Bolivia.


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