Travel Insurance More Important Than Ever

Wondering if you need travel insurance? Allow us to answer for you with an emphatic YES! It is IMPERATIVE—especially in this day and age of weather delays, union strikes, and the grounding of the 737 MAX. Cancellations have always been one of the pitfalls of travel, but now they happen with greater frequency. That, however, is not the only reason we urge you to insure. See below:


10 Reasons Travel Insurance Is a Smart Idea

1.     When you travel, things happen. They just do. But that’s why travel insurance exists, to be your reliable travel companion day or night, rain or shine. Here are 10 situations that really happen. And when they do, you’ll be quite happy someone is looking out for you.

2.     It’s 10 p.m. You’ve just landed at the airport to catch your connection home. Your family is tired and irritable (some members may even be whiny). But now, you just found out your flight has been cancelled. This is not welcome news. So, who will find you a flight home?

3.     You’ve lost your bag. And your bag had your meds in it—and your favorite sweater . . . and that cute pair of shoes you just bought that were really too expensive but you deserved them. So you need to find your bag ASAP. Who can help you find that bag or refill your emergency prescription?

4.     Ah, Europe. You’ve waited to take in all the grandeur new and old. But someone not very nice just stole your passport and wallet. Yikes! You need emergency cash. You need a new passport. You need someone who can get things done fast. Who is that someone?

5.     Uh oh. You’re in an accident and the medical treatment you need is not happening way out there. That means a medical evacuation. Are you going to coordinate all of that alone after you’ve been in an accident?

6.     Your extended family has been planning the annual reunion for months. But hours before you take off, your sister-in-law gets too sick to go s o everyone decides to cancel. What happens to your non-refundable deposits or pre-payments? Who can help with reimbursement?

7.     You arrive in Jamaica, but your luggage doesn't. Who will find it? Who will pay for your travel necessities until you are reunited with your beloved bag? And if it is gone for good (we’re sorry), who will cover all the stuff you just lost? Most importantly, what are you going to wear on the beach?!

8.     The trip sounded amazing so you booked it! But then your cruise line, airline, or tour operator goes bankrupt. Yes, it happens. So what about the non-refundable expenses? And who can get you to your destination now?

9.     You're walking down a historic old street in Rio. It’s the romantic moment you’ve envisioned for years. Then suddenly—ow!—you twist your ankle big time. You need a doctor, but not just any doctor. One who preferably understands English. Okay, how will you find this doctor in a city of 6.5 million people?

10.  A reality is that terror can strike anywhere. Three weeks before your trip, an incident occurs where you are headed. Maybe you still go, or maybe you decide to cancel your trip. If you do, who is going to get your money back? Sun. Sand. Water. There’s nothing like the serenity of a beach resort. Unless a hurricane blows through and spoils the fun. Now, you can’t stay in the resort and need to be evacuated out. Who gets you out? Who reimburses you for the lost beach days?

 So, we said 10 reasons, but we’ll throw in this extra for free (because this list goes to 11). Why is travel insurance a must? The U.S. Department of State says so! The State Department advises American travelers to carry travel insurance that includes emergency medical benefits, emergency medical transportation benefits, and coverage for other unexpected expenses, like trip cancellation and lost or stolen luggage.

Should you remain unconvinced, we offer these two cautionary tales from Poe travelers:

A POE CLIENT WHO DID NOT HAVE INSURANCE—booked a cruise and added a pre-trip to Italy. The airlines experienced a mechanics strike which delayed the client for two days which meant that they just made the cruise but lost the trip to Italy!

A POE CLIENT WHO DID HAVE INSURANCE—booked a two-week Regent cruise (the presidential suite no less), and a few days in, fell in the bathroom, had to be hospitalized for a week, and evacuated by plane home. They got a full refund from the cruise line minus the cost of insurance and three days cruising!



Source: Travel Guard