A swoon-worthy castle

“A castle in the middle of an emerald.”

—Maitre de Maison, Marko Dezman

A tranquil haven where the spirit of the past blends seamlessly with the rhythm of modern life . . . a dramatic castle nestled in an equally dramatic setting . . .

Imagine taking an ambling morning walk accompanied by birdsong, followed by an unforgettable game of golf at one of the best European golf courses, followed by a gourmet candle-lit dinner and a delicious glass of wine in front of a crackling wood fire. And somewhere in this reverie, you also stroll hand in hand on an excursion to the rich cultural and historical sights of an exotic land, enjoying nearby thermal pools—and each other’s company.

Are we describing the latest grocery store bodice ripper? NO! This may look and sound like the stuff of fiction, but it’s real. Dreamy, but real.

Otočec Castle is unique in many ways, the first being that it is situated on its own island right in the middle of Krka River. This magical setting inspires relaxation (and romance!) in the heart of Slovenian. Call us to plan your getaway!




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